Sunday, January 24, 2010

New day. Same "internet."

Big happenings on the home front:  Ma joined facebook.  Now, don't get excited because chances are she won't friend you, and even if you friend her she doesn't plan to subscribe to the general notion of: "Well, I know them, so I'll let them be my friend."  No, no, no.  Ma plans to keep her friendships to family member and the occasional person who somehow manages to pass her arbitrary and subjective "friendship" test.  And I have absolutely no problem with this.

I actually find it refreshing as I've recently begun to purge my "friends" over the past few days.  It started on Thursday, maybe.  Of course it was late at night; most "good" ideas I come up with drift through my brain late at night.  But that evening I went through and cut down 25 or so people.  Then Friday ten or fifteen more got axed.  Same on Saturday, and about the same today.  All told I've dropped about sixty or seventy people from "friendship" status.  At first I started by cutting away people I couldn't remember actually talking to more than just a "Hi, how are ya?" five years ago.  Then I ditched people from college who I didn't especially care for but who, due to social pressures, I felt I needed to be "friends" with.  No more.  And as I continued I found it's very easy to sever ties and it's actually an especially liberating feeling.

Now I use the friend box on my profile to screen friends.  If someone shows up in my random sampling of nine friends that I feel like is no longer a friend, chances are we'll be friends no longer.  Needless to say I've cut ties with quite a few more guys than gals because, c'mon, facebook stalking will still go on and the only reason to facebook stalk is to see bikini pictures and short skirts.  I think that goes without saying, so don't put me on limited profile after reading this, my ladies.. 

But seriously, if by some stroke of chance you've been defriended and you're a dedicated 'Pad reader: I'm sorry.  It's not you.  It's me.  But feel fee to keep reading!


Continuing on the facebook front I was drifting around earlier today and found some semi-humorous links that I would like to share with you folks:  the first is a creepy facebook fail:

I'm not a huge college humor fan but I did find this to be especially funny, for whatever reason.  I'm a recovering poker and random-friender so things like this interest me.  I can say, however, that I've never cold-messaged someone via the 'book.  So, I've got that going for me.  Which is nice.

Once I get on college humor I tend to drift around there quite a bit because they have a bunch of links to new screens so you can waste a lot of time.  I picked this up during my college days when I was "studying."  Thinking of the hours I wasted sitting at a computer not doing work back then makes me want to puke.  Had I just hunkered down and gotten through it life would have been a lot better.  My grades wouldn't have been any better, but I could have watched a lot more Food Network and History Channel. 
Today I happened to continue moving around college humor and stumbled on a humorous (to me) take on Texts From Last Night, from the perspective of the Super Mario Bros. games.  I've included screen grabs of a couple of my favorites below:

Ha.  Ha.  Ha.


Last but not least I stumbled upon a funny series of snippets from In Bruges.  Colin Farrel's in it so you probably assumed there was quite a bit of potty-mouthery.  Enjoy:

 After you see this things all seem to make just a little more sense..

K, I lied.  This made me laugh, too.
Fatherly Love

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