Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm a man of my word.

And while I didn't get to bed quite as early as I had hoped, and I got up quite a bit later than my first alarm, I still feel like I'm back on track.  I can't put a finger on why, and I don't expect I'll be able to.  I just feel better than I have in recent memory.  It's a ncie feeling.  This page is like my little baby (I guess the Volv would be my big baby).  The few who read regularly know that I lead a pretty boring and tame and repetitive existence and thus this is about the only thing I feel like is all me and I can go in ANY direction on here.  Empowering, to say the least.  Coupled with the fact I don't think I've done anything continually for the length of time I've kept this up I don't see any reason to stop now.  Let's face it...this is about all I've got.

Yesterday I decided I was going to do my taxes but I guess I'm earlier than most people as I couldn't find all of the documents and papers I needed online yet.  Which kind of irritated me; I really don't see what's so difficult in an "internet" age for companies and agencies and businesses that have no problem taking my monies online, and are able to update accounts and everything else in  day or two, yet they're not able to have basic numbers up online in near-real time.  I don't need it all.  Just simple things like 1099 numbers for my interest-bearing accounts and my deductible student loan interest numbers.  God damma, it's already a third of the way through that too much to ask?
And on this subject I really don't understand most people who bitch and moan about having to do their taxes and then put them off until the last minute.  This is probably because I'm still in a bracket where I get monies back I'm not really going to worry about it, because it feels like a big surprise to get my own monies back at the end of the year.  It was kind of like how Bates was sort of paying me with my own monies for two years.  Anyways, I don't like the idea of floating the government my monies, but I'll be honest with you: Until They say, "Matt, actually this year we're just going to keep all of that.  Sorry about your luck," and the I go all Whiskey Rebellion style with shotguns raised and drop off the face of the earth and start my own Ruby Ridge somewhere in east bum and things escalate to "really weird" I'm not going to worry about it too much.  But something for you folks to look forward to, I guess.  And if the FBI is reading then that crazy talk was probably just the coffee talking.  Let's pretend that never happened and move on.
At any rate I'm excited to get monies back.  Even though it's not new money.  The thought of it still excites me.  And I like thoughts that excite me.  And come to think about it I'm pretty sure I spoke about my tax stance last year.  I don't like them, don't think I'll ever like them, but I suppose I'll keep paying them.  Well, the ones I have to.

In other news my loose change growler is nearly full.  Presently I am in no dire need for monies so I've decided to cap it and start a new growler when I'm able to top the first one off.  It's been challenging recently to add change to it because I've barely been working and when I don't work I don't buy lunch and when I don't buy lunch I don't generally have change to put in my growler because I don't buy much else.  Other than CD's.  I cleaned up my efficiency today and uncovered quite a few old Bull moose sales receipts scattered about my workstation.  So maybe I should stop buying CD's and start saving.  I don't see this happeneing, though it will if my baby gets dead.

Yes, I still haven't bothered to call my mechanic concerning the Blue Bird and he hasn't bothered to call me.  So I know nothing about the status of my royal chariot.  I do know it drove fine again on my quarter mile trek from where I parked it the night it broke down to the nearest Volvo specialty shop (This isn't a joke.  The guy's considered the best Volvo guy in town and he happened to have his location a quarter mile from where my baby failed me.  I don't know if he's quite the caliber of my buddy Al Wheeler in Leeds where I usually go but for the sake of convenience I quoted the great Kevin McCallister and said  "I'll give it a whirl.") and I was TEMPTED to just pretend nothing happened that fateful Monday afternoon when she got some sand in her panties, but I broke down and brought it in anyway.  The mechanic summed it up well when I walked in and told him what I was experiencing: "Yeah, that doesn't sound like something that would fix itself."  Thanks for the update, Big Ben.  I'll bring lube when I come to pay for it; with words like that I have a sneaking suspicion this could somehow turn ugly.

Placing a call concerning the condition of my chariot, however, is on my list of things to do for Wednesday.  I need to collect on some monies owed to me, check on big Blue, and hopefully take a walk to pick her up and drive her home.  I'd like to think I could squeeze in some sort of a workout...but I don't want to close my whole day up too quickly.



Yes, ladies and gentlemen.  String Cheese.  I have one big problem with some string cheese makers and it stems from the donkeys who market cheese that does not string as "string cheese."  If that's not the biggest crock of shit out there then I don't know what is.  I'll put my Yellow Notepad stamp of quality on most any string cheese made by Sargento.  But Shaw's string cheese?  Get out of town. 

On New Year's Eve, once Samm-o and I got to Kath's, I ducked in their fridge prior to my first G&T (It was a classy New Year's...well, started classy.  I don't know for how long it actually stayed classy, but that's no bother) and was pleasantly surprised to find string cheese in one of the bins.  I pulled out a piece, opened it and tried to pull off a string.  To put it mildly, no string was pulled.  A wide clump started at the top and immediately shed down the side within an inch and a half.  Dammit.  String cheese is supposed to string.  Ruined my new Year's, right then and there.  All I wanted was to eat a 70 calorie snack in slivers six inches long...and I got punked.  So a big thank you goes out to Shaw's supermarkets.  You got me.  You got the 'tater.

I guess since we're here I'll discuss New Year's.  It was fun.  Kath's was a pleasant surprise.  Camp's made his way down with his very nice girlfriend.  SO it was good to see them.  Lady Gaga made an appearance, so it was good to see her.  And it just so happened Lady Gaga was involved in a "who can top this" picture game with a friend at another party so I got to be ridiculous every now and again.  Didn't end up watching Talking Heads after midnight, though.  I forgot.  Do you ever forget?  It happened to me..
While we're here everyone should go out and buy Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense DVD.  It will blow your (expletive deleted) mind.  No, wait.  This is so good I'll say it: It will blow your fucking mind.  There.  That feels better.
And while we're on the subjects of buying things: I definitely recommend picking up Tom Petty's new 4 disc live anthology.  Delightful listen all the way through.  He's got some great covers (Friend of the Devil, Green Onions, a Van Morriosn song whose name escapes, etc) and a bunch of Petty classic.  The collection spans a good 30 years, from late 70's/early 80's on up to 2006 and 2007 and pulls from all of the Heartbreakers records, Tommy P's original releases, and some stuff from a movie soundtrack they wrote the music to in the 90's which starred Cameron Diaz but I know I never saw.  At any rate it's very, very good, and it's only about twenty bones.  Samm-O gave me a copy in trade for his ride down and to the airport New Year's Day, so, thank you again, Sammo.
While I'm on the subject of New Year's Day, it was pretty cool watching the Winter Classic in Boston.   We heard the stealth flyover (figure that shit out...nice work, US Government...cant even make a big plane that flies silently...) and while we weren't able to see the end of the game because Sam was selfish and wanted to get to his flight on time..) we happened to be passing Fenway on I-90 when the OT goal was scored so we got to see the shitload of pyro they set off when the Bruins won.  So, that was probably cooler than watching the game because we weren't drinking so I don't think any of us were really into it.
While I'm talking about New Year's Day and driving I will have to admit that my drive back to A-Town that evening was some of the worst driving conditions I've ever been a part of.  And it provided some hilarious moments as I saw 9 SUV's that found their way off the road while my little blue bird that could just kept chugging along.  There were also four cars that found their way off, too, but I was not one of them.  I can't stand dipshits who think 4 wheel drive or all wheel drive or any other fucking system is going to keep them out of an accident.  Newsflash: Don't fucking speed.  There was a coach at Bates (I'm not going to say what sport he coached...K I will: FOOTBALL, of course..WOOO FOOTBALLLLLLL) who thought he was a badass so he bought a big ol' Chevy 2500HD that was a little jacked up and he had some mean tired on that sumbitch...and what did he do the first winter he had it?  HE PUT THE FUCKER INTO A FUCKING DAYCARE WHEN IT WAS SNOWING OUT.  "HEY BUDDY, THROW'ER IN 4 WHEEL DRIVE AGAIN AND BACK'ER OUT!  Ya, couldn't stop and ran off the road and into a house...that was a daycare.  Just to make it more humorous.  (Name that is an initial) If you or your brother read this I am sorry, but that just made me laugh out loud to think about again.  I'm not saying I didn't get sqirrly on the way back...but I knew enough to take my foot off of the accelerator and let it ride out and continue on my merry way.  An merry it was, because Tom Petty was blastin'.
 Whoa, That was a bit of a twist and turn.  That's what I had been missing these past days.  I just realized today that this is my first "real" blog of the New Year.  So, welcome to 2010.  Same as 2009.  Only the ten's digit got to change this year, too.  Nifty.  Cheers.

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