Saturday, January 23, 2010

New map..

So the folks at Clustermaps decided that maps look better when they're not covered in while my map in the right column is not totally covered in red they still are forcing me to start from scratch after a year of it being up on the 'Pad.  By the end of the day it will be gone but not forgotten and a fresh map will be in its place to allow new red dots to be placed for the next year..until, presumably, another fresh and clean (clean) map will again appear.

Here was the damage (and a shitty, low-res version of the damage it here for a better look..):

Forty three countries.  That's not bad starting pay.  Thanks for reading.  Have a nice day.  Cheers (And sorry, Africa...I'll try to get more than one hit from your continent this time around..).

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