Monday, January 4, 2010

Say a prayer for my Blue Bird tonight..

I was out running errands today.  I completed my errands and was heading home, on pace to make it home before dark as I'm an old person and old people seem to like to be home before dark.  But dag nabbit the blue bird did not cooperate.  I have no idea whatt the heck is wrong with it, I put my foot on the gas, ease off the clutch and my baby starts to move, but when it gets to about 2000rpm (I say 'about' because I don't have a tach...think me going 5-7mph in first gear) she just bogs down and the rpm's drop and I continue cruising at 5-7 miles per hour.  Son of a bee sting, indeed.  So I parked her at a random business in New Auburn, finagled a ride home and now I have this situation to deal with tomorrow.  Bollocks!

I don't anticipate me having very much fun tomorrow.  I dislike dealing with this crap.  But, then again, it's been over a year since I brought my now-24 year old gem in for a check-up, so maybe it just wants to turn its head and cough for someone in a suit.  But you know how I am with vehicles: when they're beyond repair they go out the door quickly and without regard.  Well, that's how it happened with the Dragon, but at least that sucker lasted damn near 8 years and was still purring when we said our goodbyes.  Oh, bother.

Stay tuned, and if you know cars and have any idea what would make an '86 volvo 240 act up like this then let me know.  Cheers (But nowhere near as much cheer as usual..).

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