Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I forgot this last night and it's absolutely unbelievable..

Well, I think it's absolutely unbelievable.  Once again this is an unnamed feature that can loosely be called "People who post things on the 'internet' that makes me feel better about myself and my life."  I don't think I've ever titled this before I have just been adding that statement after posting anything that I believe took an inordinate amount of time, and I use this to build myself up while my internal monologue says: Why the hell can't you be creative and/or knowledgeable enough to do that?!  But without further ado  I give you this gem:

If you're a Lebowski fan like myself then you can't help but be impressed.  This guy took the time to re-write the entire script to The Big Lebowski in iambic pentameter as a Shakespearean play.  I shit you not.  Seriously, take a look below for a glimpse at how The Dude and Walter would discuss Walter bringing his exwife's dog bowling and Walter explaining he didn't rent it shoes and he's not buying the dog a beer or letting it take his turn.  And just to clear things up for you since I didn't include the "persons of the play," The Knave is The Dude.  Walter is Walter.  Glad we cleared things up.
[The bowling green. Enter THE KNAVE, WALTER (with a dog), and JACK SMOKE, to play at ninepins]
 Thy tale is the stuff of dreams, and yet a waking dream of will. I had those words under a spreading tree in Jerusalem.
An I were dreaming afore, I care not, but do I dream anew? What manner of beast bringest thou to our nightly sport?
Marry, ‘tis the remnant of a previous life’s nightly sport. That I was once a married man, thou knowest well; that the Lady Cynthia was a great lover of dogs, thou know’st in lesser degree; and the cur abandon’d has a tendency to dine upon chair-leg and oaken table, most retrograde to my lady’s desire.
Thou speakest in riddles.
It hath been my charge to attend this cur ere my Lady Cynthia return ashore from a voyage to the islands, commanded by Sir Martin of Ackerman.
Thou bringest a cur to ninepins?
I bring naught to ninepins. The dog is not attired by my hand to play at sport, nor do I fetch it ale, nor shall he throw thy bowl-turn in thy stead.

 Gold, Jerry.  GOLD. 

So, Adam Bertocci, today I call you a genius.  Well played, sir.  Well played, indeed.  Cheers.

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