Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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I took an extended nap just after dinner time today (Well, not my dinner time.  Normal people dinner time.  I napped from 5:30-8pm or so...ish.  I woke up, and then had dinner.  It may have actually been lunch.  things kind of blur together with the rock star life I've been leading..) so now even though it's 1:30am I'm wide-ass awake and I've got nothing better to do than sit at a computer.  Man, I suck.

OK, yesterday, well, Monday, as it's now Wednesday, anyways on Monday I posted this hilarious thought on facebook, and I expected about 230 "likes" within the first 10 minutes of posting it.  And I got...three.  and one very impressed commenter, but still, just three of you thought this was funny?   
In a Super Bowl match-up between Pierre Thomas and Pierre Garcon, the question has to arise: who will be the lukcy pierre?
Yes, I spelled lucky wrong but I thought people would look past that.  And I already had one "like" so there was no way I was going to correct my grammar at the expense of a "like;" that's just silly.  But seriously, how is that not a laugh riot?  You see what I did?  I jumped back a few months to when Artie Lange destroyed Joe Buck on his first show and the term "lucky pierre" was brought into the everyday vernacular of the sports/pop culture/media/ blog world, and I spun it back to some hilariously current wordplay presented as Super Bowl commentary.  I guess it's a good thing Conan's out of a job because now I have seven months to pitch this to him and get hired before he's back on the airin September.  I'm good at what I do.  Sometimes the moon and the stars just align.

Apparently HBO has gotten a little stingy about other folks airing the interview all over the "internet" so I'm unable to post the video directly here, but the link's up above.  It starts up with about 5:55 left and other than Michael Irvin's "It's just refreshing to see whit-on-white crime" comment to close the clip the lucky pierre discussion is about the last funny thing in there.

Admit it: I'm witty.


And, I'm sorry, this is in poor taste, but when one of your search terms is "lucky pierre" you're going to end up with some absurd results.  And this one takes the cake and is also number one on google: Wikipedia's entry on sexual positions.  Complete with drawings, pictures, pie charts, pythagorean's theorem, laws of thermodynamics, etc.

Seriously, Wikipedia?  This has got to be a joke, right?  Where are your censors here?  WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Stay classy...or something.  Cheers (And if I were you, and I was at work, I wouldn't click on the wiki page.  This may be the first NSFW link I've ever posted.  It's a brand new day on the 'Pad..).

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