Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back on the usual Tuesday schedule

But I'm feeling awful. This cold has seriously kicked my ass. I broke down and went whining to my doctor this afternoon to get some prescription drugs. I got some horse pill antibiotics but alas, no painkillers. The jury's still out on whether just the antibiotics will be worth the $20 copay and $4 pill charge. I'll keep you posted.

But really, I need to alert Crayola about some of the colors I'm coughing up and blowing out my nose. It's just filthy. All I do is sleep and blow my nose and cough. I'm miserable. I need to get better soon, I can't take this whole not blogging thing. As soon as the pressure in my head subsides and I stop sneezing on my keyboard I'll be back at it hardcore to make up for lost time.

Wednesday morning I will be departing for Philadelphia, PA to attend the Penn Relays with a couple people from my team, so Wednesday and Thursday blogging may be tough due to my ass will be driving for more or less 2 days straight. But it beats being in the office, I'll tell you that right now. And after this week there's a month left of the season...yikes. My ass needs to find a job. Well, I say that but we all no I'm in no rush. Because I'm lazy.

Video for my own amusement:

It's just Delonte West being Delonte West. I don't know if the Herp made him dumber but he just might take the cake on the low-IQ award in the NBA...and that's saying something. The chicken wings and fruit punch before practice was a nice touch, though. I have have to give him credit for that.

Bonnaroo Artist of the week:

Citizen Cope. MC from DC. Legit. I recommend The Clarence Greenwood Recordings. You've probably heard "Son's Gonna Rise" but youtube wouldn't let me embed the video...same old shit. He's a little more small time than some so I bet he'll have a nice small stage to operate on. I like him better with his beats but I'm confident in a good time either way.

Second Bonnaroo Artist of the Week:

Nine Inch Nails. Not just legit. Fucking legit. Trent Reznor is just crazy, with or without hard drugs (Better with, I'll be honest). Listen to The Fragile and tell me it's not a work of genius. If you do you're only lying to yourself. Look at the challenge of that song, Rock Band 2 gave proper credit where proper credit is due.

Snack of the week:

Yep. Use butter and milk and cook it on a stovetop...don't buy the bowls. You're not in college anymore, be an adult. A broke-ass adult. Cheers.

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