Friday, April 17, 2009

Semi-regular tribute video to Shawn Campbell

I think Shawn will appreciate this more than most, mainly because he seems to appreciate sappy rhythm and blues songs more than most. And Shawn's an honest man, too. So I think he will appreciate an honest R&B song. I know I did.

And this lead me to these two gems, which are actually more appropriate to your present location. The first is made by these same guys, brokenbox or some shit(it's actually broken box but I was too lazy to look back when i wrote brokenbox and I thought that was funny). They've got 10,000,000 hits between their two video...what the shit am I doing wrong? I guess I'm just not funny enough. Or maybe it's the videos, maybe I need my own videos. Ya, that's it. Stay tuned.

And this, just because I'm a giver. Take notes, champ.

Did I deliver or did I deliver? Cheers.


  1. im sick and tired of nobody else posting. and what the f is the deal with a sean cambell tribute, kids in another continent.

    the goal of this blog and mine included is to get this thing at least noted or picked up by barstool/deadspin/sportsbybrooks/withleather

  2. If you want to make the stool nick, maybe you should follow through on the 'strip club connoisseur' blog you created.

  3. First of all, you delivered capone...and thank you. My spanish is seriously similar to the second video. Secondly, I had assumed that Natty Lights was Lawler, however i know he knows my name is not spelt sean cambell, so what the fuck? seriously? and that's just the beginning of the disrespect but ill leave it at that.