Thursday, April 16, 2009

The wait is over

Good day to all. Apparently I have a couple of dedicated readers because I've been catching shit for not getting anything up since the middle of the weekend. Maybe I was lazy, maybe I just wanted you to think about my last post...the world may never know.

Actually I've been sick (and still am, shit) since Thursday and I've been miserable through the weekend and the beginning of this week and thus I haven't been doing a whole heck of a lot. Tuesday is usually a prime blog day for me with Idol on for a couple of hours I usually have a chance to get a few words out then. This week, however, I wasn't home to watch. Yes, it's true I missed my first live American Idol of the season on Tuesday. I was on a 5 hour drive to Fitchburg, MA and back because we left something there at a meet a couple weeks ago. I don't want to get into it, but Fitchburg wasn't any nicer the 3rd time I've been there in my life. So, hopefully I'll never have to go back.

I watched it last night when I got home from work before the results show came on. Marie hooked it up and taped it for me when I wasn't around. Which leads me to a question: who out there still has a VCR that they have hooked up to record programs they miss? My guess is none of you. DVR? I don't need no stinking DVR. Give me low-def, (slightly-) scrambly-picture, snow-in-and-out recordings to the same VHS we've been using to record programs at the Capone household for the last 5 years or so. No need to mess with perfection.

Concerning the results show all I have to say is with the save being used up on a hack I'm going to freak the fuck out if Allison gets voted off this coming week. She's top 3 talent. Matt is an up and downer and when they show him on TV I don't know whether to smile or hang a coat from his forehead. That's not Idol material where I'm from.

On song choices: How did no one pull out a Kenny Loggins song for this? I was utterly shocked. I guess this is just showing how young this crop is...If you saw a cheesy movie in the late 80's you KNEW Kenny Loggins would be closing it out with a rock ballad. My personal choice: "Meet Me Halfway" which you all already know was a big part of why Over The Top ends up in Sylvester Stallone's top-5 best movies of his career. Visual evidence of Stallone's great acting and Kenny Loggins being...well, I don't know exactly what he's being provided:

I mean, the premise of the movie is Stallone is a owner-operator of a shitty trucking business and is a small-time arm wrestler and enters the National or World or some shit Arm Wrestling championships for $50k (i think...he also bet's on himself...I'm sure Dodgeball stole their betting idea from here) and a (you guessed it...) brand-spanking-new truck. There's alsosome story of Stallone and his kid getting reunited and father-son bonding and an evil grandfather but who the hell would pay to see that? I've got a copy for anyone who would want to borrow it. INSTANT CLASSIC.

Other choice for great artist that should have been done: Huey Lewis and the News. Many would say "YES. 'The Power of Love' MADE Back to the Future!!" Hah, nice try. I'm talking "Hip to be Square" from American Psycho. What the hell would the producers have said about that choice? And Tarantino would have eaten that shit up. It just would have been perfect, especially if when they (I think Adam would have been the only one who could have pulled this off, which would have just added to my hatred of him) finished singing, were asked why they chose the song and went all "...He's been compared to Elvis Costello, but I think he has a far more bitter, cynical sense of humor...most people probably don't listen to the lyrics. But they should, because it's not just about the pleasures of conformity and the importance of trends, it's also a personal statement about the band itself..." I should write for TV.

This is a little weird. So I had no idea that this week was movie week on Idol. But I did have some movie-ness on the mind before I found out this was the show's theme. There's no way to separate these two thoughts now because one will immediately lead into the next. But once I found out the theme I was hoping Lil Rounds would choose "I Will Always Love You" from The Bodyguard, not because she could handle the song (she would've gotten train-wrecked and would be home right now...I mean she should be home right now but that's besides the point - at least the blind guy's gone...) but because I wanted to bring this up (I had this thought on Monday...): Is there a more under-rated, under-appreciated and borderline-forgotten movie badass than Frank Farmer in The Bodyguard? if there is then let me know because I can't think of someone. This guy would eat Chuck Norris' heart while it was still beating.

("Not on my shift." = BADASS.)
This guy's former Secret Service who spent 6 years serving two Presidents and he can do everything. Throw knives? Check. Shoot bullets? Check. Asks for orange juice instead of water? Check. Slam faces into cookware? Check. Run at twice the speed of light in 80's-tight jeans? Check. Have the girl fall in love with you because you take a bullet fired by a crazy stalker? Check, and mate. Cheers (and back on the'd I do? Hope it was worth the wait).

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  1. awful song selections - terrible perfomances. your girls voice sounds more manly than steven tylers (dont know which that reflects worse on). and your crazy if you dont think i'd be singing "Ghostbusters" from the great year 1984. now that would be original