Thursday, April 9, 2009

'Tis the season

I know it doesn't quite feel like spring yet but last night I decided to have my first ice cream cone of the year. Some would say this shouldn't be a big deal - I eat ice cream most of the year - but there's something that sets a soft serve cone apart from a dish of hard ice cream or fro-yo. I didn't make it to Dairy Joy to pick this bad boy up, but let me get the word out that all locations are open and seem to be doing great business in spite of the slacking economy. This is especially of note because I've just found out in the last month that two of my favorite small time joints in town have closed their doors. Dore's closed around Christmas time (maybe the fact I didn't notice this until a month ago was part of the reason they closed...shit) and Cafe Bon Bon closed just recently. I used to walk to Cafe Bon Bon quite a bit when lived in Ewiston but, again, I have to say I haven't been in since early winter. They had great sangwiches. I'll need to find some place new to read and relax when I'm unemployed. There are other options, not to worry. But the plight of the mom and pop food service industry is troubling to me, I hope it is not a trend which continues.

(not to seem insensitive...) But back to ice cream. I didn't go to the DJ because I went to our dining hall for free, and they've got a soft serve machine there. I've never been mad about that. Went with a standard choc-van twist with chocolate sprinkles. Usually I go rainbow but I don't know what gt into me. Kept it fairly small, too, only about three inches of height. I'll get back in ice cream shape soon. It sucks to have to pay for it now, when back a couple of years ago we'd get all the ice cream I could eat from DJ for free because i was in good with an ice cream attendant. Those were the good old days my wallet can't handle $4 mix-in's more than once a week. Which is probably good for my midsection. Cheers.


O, Thank you, America for ending the pitiful struggle that was the blind guy on American Idol. It was long overdue. You knew it, I knew it...just admit it. Hope next week is much better than the past week...most of those were painful to watch. And thanks tot he producers for the unintentional comedy which resulted in Flowmaster or whatever the first act was named lip-synching their entire song and then the guy speaking into the mic with Seacrest like it actually worked. Well played, sir.

Question: This didn't really click in until last night. Adam chose "Mad World" which was originally recorded by Tears for Fears in 1982, so it fit right within the parameters of the weekly guidelines. But As I assess his performance he really just covered with relatively few changes the Gary Jules all of the originality the judges praised from him should really just get credited to Mr. Jules or his arranger. I had to go back and listen to the tears for Fears version (here it is, I don't want to embed the video). And I know most of you know the Jules version that was in Donnie Darko, which is a cool fucking video so you should really click that one. But, right? It really wasn't that original, right? Other than the fact he botched the words near the beginning, right? BUT NO ONE NOTICES THESE THINGS BECAUSE ADAM FUCKING LAMBERT CAN DO NO WRONG. Peace, I'm outta here.

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