Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Typical Tuesday

Pretty shitty Idol tonight, in my opinion. Allison was very good, of course. And don't forget I compared her to Bonnie Raitt in an earlier Idol blog...it may have been the first blog a wrote about her. So, needless to say I was happy with the song choice. And she did a bang up job. Adam sucks but at least he chose a good song. Finding out I'm older than six of the 8 contestants left started as a kick to the short and curlies until I realized 7 of those left will be unemployed at just about the same time I am...sweet irony.

Word to the wise: The Departed on FX seems like a great idea...until you actually watch it. Bye Bye strippers and blow, hello "jerk" and "heck." These may have been the worst overdubs I've ever seen in a movie since Lethal Weapon. Just painful to watch. Guys can get capped in the head and blood can cover a room after, but a fuck-bomb? No, No, No! It was borderline humorous.

Rescue Me is a phenomenal show but this sucker has to get on before 10pm...these 11pm bedtimes are kicking my ass. I'm a gamer though and I'll keep things together tomorrow. You don't know how happy I was when I found out the only show I watch on Fox was ending at 9 tonight...then this came on at 10 and I'm still up. Shucks. But on this note I'm out.

This may or may not be deemed inappropriate.
Since it was on cable I choose to believe the former..

Cheers. Wait. The Hangover looks awful, just saw the preview for the first time. But any preview that opens with some Butthole Surfers is OK with me. They've got me intrigued.

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  1. idol was awful. some terrible song choices, just bad songs. i think your allison may in trouble. her family definitely wont win her any votes either. the only thing saving her is how bad the rest of them are. anoop terrible, scott awful, and lil (still laughing thats her real name, the doctor must have laughed his ass off when he was forced to put that on the birth certificate) just bad.
    if scott doesnt go tonight, this competition is a joke