Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Guess it's been awhile...

I don't the last time I've been on here writing and that's a bad thing. This cold (they still called it a sinus infection today...but that's just too long. I'm going to keep calling it a cold...) has seriously ended my life. I'm no fun to be around. I haven't been able to hear for 8 days (and counting...) and the doc said today it could be another week or two before that "ability" comes back...fuckers. And the first nurse I saw was the same one I saw last week. The first thing she said when she saw me: "So, are you sure you haven't been to Mexico recently? HAHAHA (Seriously, laughing hard at her joke). Actually, that's not funny. Not funny at all." Actually, yes. Yes, it is (Because I laughed and immediately started coughing. But it was worth it).

They did give me some horse pills. And some steroids. But no pain killers. Hopefully this cocktail will work, I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

And, yes, I broke into the quackery realm and I've used a Neti pot the last couple of days. To marginal success. Monday I tried to use it before I went to work and the water wouldn't come out the other side. How miserable and I, you ask? Very miserable...

Tip: the alternating toe touches really make it work, though, so if you try it don't forget that part.

Anyways it's Tuesday so you know I watched Idol. Allison killed it, Matt sucked, Adam was way too Broadway for me. Same old same, but I'll be rip shit if Allison ends up going home, Simon is an asshole.

Funny blogs I've stumbled upon:
64 Miller Lites. Named from a popular Wade Boggs story from his playing days. Only was around for a couple of months in early 2008 but had some excellent material during it's 17-post run. And their praise of Marshawn Lynch led me to his personal site. Seriously, how can a first round NFL pick have a site this shitty? At least his blog is amusing...and HILARIOUS bio, too.

Another funny one from 64ML's: Stuff White People Like. Funny, because I'm white and I like most of the stuff that's mentioned. Most recently: Ed Hardy sucks. And hummus is good. These fuckers got a book deal pointing out what white people like in semi-humorous and ironic ways...sonofabitch.

Video of the day:

Nothing like a drunk discount sale...

Music Video of the week:

It's the 80's in it's prime. Billy Joel. Huey Lewis. Kenny Rogers (looks the same as he does today), The Boss, and it's the 80's so Kenny Loggins had a prominent role. Among others. Apparently SNL did a spoof of this because it was the 80's and SNL was funny in the 80's so they'd do funny things like spoof this unintentionally funny music video but youtube had no evidence of this. However, I was led (somehow...) to Cat Stevens. Watch this video of a small acoustic performance with pillows on the floor and smoke and bells and goofy shit and tell me he didn't just cruise the country in the 60's and 70's with his beard and bobbing hair and head gyrations and hip sways saying, "Oh, hi. My name's Cat. I play guitar and write my own music. Want to go to bed together? I'll write a song about you.."

With 10,000,000 young and innocent hippie-free-loving-girls saying yes. Jerk. Cheers.


ps. I'm confident these drugs are going to take and I will be back to writing more regularly in the coming days. Thanks for bearing with me during these hard and difficult times. Let me put it this way: I laid off MD for the first Saturday in 6 weeks because of how bad I was/am feeling. I'm not making this up - it's a son of a bitch. I enjoy you use me as a distraction during the day, and I enjoy needing a distraction during the day other than coughing, blowing my nose and trying not to pass out on my keyboard. Better days are near, mark my words..

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  1. Jimmy Kimmel also did a spoof for his "fucking ben affleck" skit. It was alright, but cameron diaz is so obnoxious.