Sunday, April 5, 2009

A good story is below:

Not going to make it up for all of the ACM Awards, sorry. Toby's performing right now, brings back fond memories of summers past..

But I wanted to get this up tonight; I was going to try last night but some bum wine got the better of me and I lost ambition before I could find the video and when I tried to bootleg it with my camera I found out it was 12 minutes long and I would have had to remove a lot of pictures and it would have been way too much work for a Saturday night after 11pm.

But anyways this is a story about an EL kid, Josh Titus, with autism who has been the basketball manager the last four years and got to play in their last regular season game this year. It's also about a kid from Greeley with downs syndrome who got to do the same thing, and ties back with an autistic kid who dropped 20 in 4 minutes in the same sort of story and is doing real well.

This was on the CBS Final Four pregame show, which I thought was pretty cool. Deadspin ran a little blurb about this and gave the shout out to the Greeley kid, not the EL kid. So, consider this my rebuttal. This is what high school sports is all about: anyone who busts their ass should get a chance to get out there and play at some point during their careers. And good for these kids, who will get to realize like many of us that the most fun you'll ever have playing sports will be in high school. It's all downhill after that. Cheers.


  1. Thanks for posting that video; I missed it live.

  2. I aim to please; it's nice to see L/A schools in the news for something positive for a change...