Friday, April 3, 2009

More on the subject of Bonnaroo...

So I said I was going to post new artists every week but this is just too good to pass up. It's like the moon and the stars aligned and said "we just teed it up, hit a slow roller back up the middle and try not to get thrown out at first."

I went to Bull Moose music and sold an assload of lousy cd's and dvd's last week so I had about $60 in store credit burning a hole in my pocket throughout last weekend which made me stop in on my way home Monday and I picked up a bunch of random stuff including Immortal's new release (well, new as of last year...) and a Ben Harper compact disc I had been meaning to pick up for about a year now. But I just got around to sticking it in my mobile jukebox this morning and remembered why I had wanted to buy the cd.

So then I get home from the office fairly early Thursday and I finally have some free time because neither Marie nor Skip are home and so I flip on the tv for a bit because I finally have control of the remote. First, I found out Jay Cutler got traded for 2 first round picks and Kyle Orton which gave me a good chuckle because most would rank Cassel a better passer and he was only moved for a 2nd rounder, but that's neither here nor there in terms of this story. The point here is ESPN had NOTHING else to talk about because the NCAA or whoever the hell it is that handles the tournament decides to wait a week between the regional finals and the final 4...waste of time.

But I get to flipping and stumble upon the Ovation channel. Not all of you may know the Ovation channel but it plays a lot of live music usually from the 70's and some real bizarre shit and also other artsy stuff but they had some good stuff on this evening which got me interested, mainly because...Ben Harper was performing a live set. And it was an outdoor show so I said to myself "this is pretty cool, he 's playing Bonnaroo this year and is an act I would like to see; he played a couple of years ago, too (yes, I use semicolons when I talk to myself)." And then the camera panned back and he was on a Bonnaroo stage. So that was neat.

Anyways, Ben Harper is legit. He was playing with the Innocent Criminals then but will be with the Relentless7 this time around. He's a bit too preachy for me, but hey if you love G-d (gotta be safe in case some chosen peoples are reading this) then get it out in the open; I don't want that sneaking up on me. But this is a personal favorite. Enjoy.


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