Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday business

So my apologies to Nick as Megan Joy was sent home last night on Idol. And she took full advantage of her swan (or turkey, or whatever the hell bird she was trying to be) song to demonstrate she really doesn't give two shits about American Idol. Look for an album form her in 6-9 months, something tells me she's already got a couple of deals to mull over as of this writing today. Everyone likes that smokey jazz sound and with a little production she'll be fine. The producers make her sound fine on the lip-synced shit they do to kick off every program so I have no doubt she'll be wearing gold plated diapers sometime very soon.

America needs to have a diet pespi max and wake the hell up. I'm getting tired of seeing her end up in the bottom three. Only I probably shouldn't be...this week she's going to drop another bomb I can already feel it. She'll give this nation the kick in the collective ass that it deserves for still not giving her the proper amount of dap.

And while I'm on the Idol subject, tell me something like this wouldn't be perfect for young Allison. Granted I posted this because I thought the video was impressive in its concept and its simplicity (I was planning to post a live song before I stumbled upon this) but I hear a lot of similarities. Except that Ms. Potter can, in fact, play instruments...But dope video, dope band, dope comparison. 3 dopes in a row, nice...

And segueing from Idol to the Bonnaroo front (I don't just post videos to post videos) Grace Potter and the Nocturnals will also be the first of a brand new feature on the 'Pad entitled "Bonnaroo Band of the Week." Each week up until the show time (or until I get lazy and stop doing it) I'm going to try to get up some video or audio of an act I'm really going to try to see (the exceptions being that I won't bother posting Phish because I really don't/care to know much about Phish, though I have a tshirt from a '95 tour...and the Boss unless I can find video of his power slide camera crash from the Super Bowl) These may be small time acts that I will know nothing about for another couple of weeks when I find something I really like and lo and behold I feature them to get them out to the masses (of 10-20 people). So this may turn out being an exploratory endeavour for multiple parties (me exploring the internet and then you exploring what I find interesting). I know I've mentioned GP&theN's (my creation, watch it start sticking...) before here so for serious if you haven't paid attention yet give these folks a listen.

And from music I will be seeing to things I will be bringing: Definitely a beer bong.

(Don't be embarrassed Mrs. Capone...Both pictures show incredible determination...)
Because it just looks like a good idea, right? Throw it back to high school for old time's sake. Cheers.


  1. i say you bring the bobcat suit in pic #1. now that would be a party all in itself and you would definitely be a hit with the bonnaroo crowd

  2. Tufts Univeristy will always support opposing teams mascots pounding beers with us at any time.
    Unless you're from Williams.

    And just for the record, I don't see Allison winning Idol based solely on the fact that I find her annoying and generally hate her appearance.