Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thanks for reading, Allison.

So a week or two ago I throw up a big time shout out for everyone to remember No Doubt, and lo and behold my girl Allison Iraheta comes through and does me a solid tonight and throws it back to '96 with "Don't Speak". AWESOME.

While I wouldn't say you blew me away with the opening (keep "the axe [thanks for that, Paula]" in the closet you rushed through the first part) you did finish strong and closed it out with your typical flair. And I don't care what those judges said, kid, your getup was a nice touch. You are a rock star, you can pull it off. If you get a chance mess try messing around with a Grace Potter track in an upcoming week - I think it would be a perfect fit. Keep checking back in, thanks for the support!

(Today this still really is good stuff)

Keep on keeping on. Don't worry, the video will be posted Wednesday whenever I have a minute. Cheers.


And Nick: You know I'm a Megan fan too, so I know we're on the same page with her having no shame and promoting herself as a sign off with Ryan ("Vote for me everybody!"). Seldom used, but definitely effective. I absolutely loved it. And I have no doubt she'll be back next week shimmying and shaking unconsciously. You heard it here first.


  1. I am the 3000th visitor!

    Do I get a free Bonnaroo Ticket?

  2. I'm glad you caught that. Shameless self promotion and i loved it. She's almost too much to handle. Tonight should be interesting. Tomorrow will be a little less bright if Megan is given the boot tonight. I have faith in America