Saturday, March 7, 2009


at the Wedding. Just watched it last weekend. O, SNAP. So this is actually a tangent and I can't believe I didn't mention this earlier. Huge shout out to Nicholas Lawler (that's your name, eat it up) for his "surprise" present he brought me back from Chinatown when he was home last weekend...a bootleg of The Wrestler. A high quality bootleg of The Wrestler, to be more specific. It was in 4:3 aspect ratio but I can deal with that, made for a great Sunday morning coming down. But, Mr. Lawler you're the best and it's great how people close to me just keep feeding my mild obsession. You all are too good to me. And thanks, Craig, for ruining the surprise the day he bought it. Seeing how mad Nick was when I told him you had told me was just priceless. You can't teach unintentional comedy. ANYWAYS sorry for not throwing that out there earlier. And just to be clear I'm fine with anyone who wants watching it but that little sucker's not leaving my sight so it'll have to be a private screening in my basement or upstairs with my folks. I don't have a TV in my efficiency so for all of you (there aren't any, this is more to just make me laugh) ladies out there we won't be able to watch it on my bed and make out. Shucks.

K, now back to business. I also watched Margot at the Wedding on Sunday after my Wrestler screening with the folks (they liked it, Momma thought it was sad, I guess she's not familiar with Jake "The Snake." anywho...) and I have to say it was pretty funny. Well, I take that back, the first 75 minutes were funny because it was outrageous family drama which would cause most of us to say, "I'm glad we didn't have any home movies made at our family gatherings..." Families are funny, I think. Then it got too outrageous and I was left a little unimpressed. I don't like movies that fall off at the end. I've never directed a movie so I really shouldn't judge, but I'm judging.

But I really liked Jack Black in this role. He was hilarious and said a lot of things that made you say, "No shit...haha." It's not out-of-control physical comedy and he didn't appear to try to hard to be funny; he's just a goofy-looking guy who is wrapped up in his own head all of the time. My personal favorite was when he was talking to a 12 year old kid and Mr Black asked him if he wanted to be famous. The kid said yes so Black's character, Malcom responded "Make sure you can handle rejection. I can't." This was his excuse for an everyday outlook of apathy and laziness which I found quite refreshing as I creep towards unemployment. Maybe I'll become an artist, too. Do "a lot of abstract painting ... extremely abstract. No brush, no paint, no canvas, I('ll) just think about it (As said by comedian Stephen Wright...).” That would be something, right?

And Malcom pimps a 240 wagon h-core. I'm considering upgrading to a wagon this summer to get a little more cargo space, but the trunk in the sedan is nice because it's easier to hide the bodies (HAH! kidding...).

To sum: The ending (in my opinion) just gets ridiculous and lame, but it is still a well made film. Don't pay to see unless you have netflix, then you should put it on your "I want to see this movie" or whatever it's called. I don't have netflix, sorry, so I'm not hip with the nomenclature. Don't buy it for more than $5. That's my $.02. I'd say more but I don't like to be a spoiler. Cheers.

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  1. Much appreciated, my quest for global blog domination continues. Which brings me to my next point, the world wide outreach of this blog is staggering, Netherlands? Qatar? Who are these people? and why aren't they commenting? I have no problem carrying the comments section, but come on people, throw a bone here. Also, like the frequency of the updates and the content.