Thursday, March 19, 2009


I've done no research, I've watched less than 15 minutes total of college basketball this winter, I've read no predictions, I've seen no spreads. But this is my bracket:

I'm feeling a hot streak this year, to the tune of the year Sloat only got two games wrong in his entire bracket...ZING!!

Like the President, even in the midst of the greatest national crisis since the Great Depression I was still able to squeeze in time to do this. If the President could fit it in, dammit, so could I!

Enjoy the tourney, I'll be watching far too much of it at Gipper's. Wait, with beer on tap at the house, after tonight my ass isn't going to leave my couch for quite some time. It's Export on tap, but that's what I the high life. Cheers.


  1. haha sorry capone but you didnt fill out you bracket winner for Fla St and Xavier

  2. Why don't you stop worrying about your bracket and start worrying about our economy.

  3. i wonder hows sloats bracket is shaping up? he once claimed that hepredicted every game correctly in 1996, ya ok

  4. how do you pick a team coached by rick pitino to win it all? i really hope louisville isn't going to be walking through the white house doors...thats a rick pitino joke for all you slow motherfuckers.