Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fuck you, Facebook

So Facebook decided to get all cool and made up some dating matchmaking how-do-you-do on there. Whatever. None of my business. Well, it wasn't my business until they got rid of the big photo thinger and replaced it with this steaming pile of dating dogshit. So now no one can see this beautiful picture of the fab 5 from when I graduated; Midnight madness is a ball-buster. But we got it done. Anyways. I'm not impressed with Zuckerman or Zuckerberg or whatever the hell that asshole's name is. For awhile the picture would still come up, but when I checked today it was gone. Bastards. So from now on it will be enshrined here. Cheers.

(That was one hell of an afternoon...and fear the mullet.)


  1. Great picture, but I will never forgive Kathy for covering Kurt Busch and his Miller Lite Dodge.

  2. thought bubble above the guy in yellows head, "eh, get these bitches away from me"