Thursday, March 5, 2009


I guess 2000 isn't all that significant a number, but it's just as arbitrary as 10,000 or 972, so if I want to brag about it I'm going to brag about it.

Keep reading and keep giving me stupid crap that I can use as material to demonstrate just how abnormally normal I am. I enjoy writing so I hope that you enjoy reading.

Same deal as last weekend I'll be on the road from Friday morning until Saturday night so if time is available and inspiration strikes I'll try to humor the few of you who are out there reading (I think there are about 10-15 of you a day...). I'll keep it off the pot this time, that didn't seem to go over very well. I'm honest; screw you for judging me.

Well last night I got thinking about Beavis and Butt-heada nd remembered my favorite video from the show. Besides a Gwar video that would just scare people. But, nice little animated Radiohead action. Have a fine afternoon.


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  1. I hope your "off the pot" reference was inclusive of yours truly... Celeb shout out, what!