Thursday, March 12, 2009

Midwestern Landing

So Thursday morning I was up at 2:30am to head to the Portland Jetport to head to Indiana for NCAA's. Ya, I got up at 2:30am. I have to say I'm much more accustomed to heading to bed around 2:30am, but, hey, I'm a gamer. Also took the Blue Goose down instead of renting a car, which was a treat for the two ladies I have competing because they were riding in a car that is older than they are. I aim to please. Nothing noteworthy occurred on the flight, but once in Indiana (we flew into Indianapolis) and we were heading to our hotel I saw my first "Country Road" sign. I don't recall ever seeing one of those before, but now I feel like I've gotten a little more in touch with my country roots. Miranda Lambert and I have never been closer (I think she's actually from IN, too, but don't hold me to that).

Also, we're staying in Terre Haute. Kathvh44 told me yesterday that there's some joke for east-bumfuck locations being known as "Terre Haute" and she didn't know there was actually a place on a map. I had never heard this before so I am wondering if others have heard random "Terre Haute's" get dropped?? Let me know, I'm interested. Also, if this is the case then I'm nervous to know where exactly "east bumfuck" is located (presumably east of "bumfuck and northeast of "south bumfuck, but I digress)... If it's no where on a map and some day I decide to found my own municipality in TR-92 or somewhere like that in way northern Maine, expect me to name that sucker "Bumfuck." Write it down, I'll make it happen.

There are many not-in-the-northeast food joints all over out here. I've had Culver's butterburgers the last time I was out here and haven't seen one yet, but expect a thorough Steak & Shake review in the next 24 hours (actually 48, I'm lazy). I haven't seen a Skyline yet, I think that may be more of an Ohio fad. I decided not to bring running shoes so my activity level will be minimal for the duration of my trip. I fully expect to feel like absolute ass when I return to Maine from this greasy diet. And I have absolutely no problem with this. Cheers.


  1. Terre Haute - where Timothy McVeigh was executed.

    Knew that sounded familiar

  2. Terre Haute on barstool today as well. Coincidence? I think not

  3. I made a 10 hour drive out to Terre Haute for X-Country Nats a few years back (this was the morning after our infamous keg heist and your ensuing poison ivy).

    The whole time I was there I kept thinking about the scene from 'Blue Chips' where Nick Nolte heads out into the country to recruit Ricky Roe. This poses a question... Where do you rank Blue Chips in your list of the greatest sports movies of all time?