Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cinnamon + Sugar, Food, etc.

Together, they taste just like they smell: DELICIOUS! But before I get too ahead of myself...Don't start with me. I know I was lazy and didn't pre-mix the cinnamon and sugar together so that there is the perfect balance of sugary goodness to combine with cinnamony zip. So, consider this a half-assed version of perfection. I did use butter, though, which is also very, very necessary to creating a delicious cinnamon & sugar bagel. Margainine is for donkeys. I don't eat these for breakfast, but I suppose you could and I know if I did I would be smiling all day. This is usually an after dinner snack when I have dinner too early and need to feed the monster (so to speak, this isn't my creation but I use it from time to time...I don't steal shit) before I go to bed.

While on the subject of food...lemme recommend a dining establishment for your stank asses (Redman's legit but that's a story for another place and another time. I'll be dat later): Holly's Own Deli & Restaurant in the A-U-B. I had been here a few time for dinner and/or drinks, but yesterday I found out they have an excellent lunch spread. Marie had an AM appointment which required her to take the day off, so I took most of the day off too, well, because you can do things like that when you're your own boss. So after a little trip to Freeport we grabbed a sandwich at Holly's. Muy bueno (I'll be fluent and visiting in no time, Camps). The yellow curried chicken sandwich was good, but I still have to say the best I've had was at Nothin' But the Blues in the Lew, which is now closed and pisses me off every time I drive by it all shut up and graffitti'd on...jerks. That place was great. Anyways back to Holly's. Very nice, relaxed atmosphere, they have mugs for their coffee and not paper cups, what's not to love? When summertime comes around they've got a big patio out back complete with ashtrays, they know their market and cater to it nicely. Most weekend nights they have live music in the upstairs dining room that really brings quite an eclectic blend of people together. Last but certainly not least: they always have Long Tail Double Bag on tap, which may just be the best beer on earth.

Screw the bagel, thoughts of Double Bag will keep me smiling all day...Cheers.

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