Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sweet night

It's 11:48pm on a Saturday night. Needless to say I'm at home doing ABSOLUTELY nothing. Beerfest is on Comedy Central. Awful movie. But when Farva died they drop a legendary Poison power ballad...which I think just made my night.

But leads me to a query: Why do these fuckers on youtube not allow you to embed good music videos? I'm stuck with this live cut from Rio (still pretty sweet because it's one of the few that gets Poison in the early days when they were still all coked up...and Rio? That has to be a good time down there) instead of the legitimate cheesey '80's video (And be honest, those panties are legit) which I cannot embed (Hair metal, leather and drugs. That's what 80's rock does!). This shit pisses me off. I first got angry at this with R.Kelly from a week or so ago, but at least he peed on people so you know he's a little f'd up. "Embed disabled by request" my ass. I expected the star of Rock Of Love to be fine with any publicity he could get. Maybe this is just a little bit of Jack talking. Maybe not. Flip a coin, I suppose.

And, " does." Cheers.

p.s. And Nick, you know you'd never succeed in an international beer festival because you need to actually finish the beer in your cup to win. Just throwing that out there. ZING! Peace, I'm outta here.

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  1. unprovoked attack and a total falacy. the only reason i would not succeed internationally is because im 100% xenophobe