Thursday, March 26, 2009


You know (like every week...I suck) I watched Idol last night. And you know (like every week) Allison BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN WITH HER PIPES. It was just an unbelievable performance. She flat out gets it done. My week doesn't start until I hear her sing. Even the Idol producers knew last week's slap in the face of being in the bottom three was going to light a fire under her ass. So they give her the main event spot and she goes to work, another day at the office.

I know a lot of people are telling me how swell they thought Adam was last night. And I'll admit, he was good. But you can't make chicken salad from chicken shit and all that dinkus really wants to do is sing shitty emo music in a shitty-sounding, ear-piercing, way-too-high voice. This was the exception, not the rule. Must I remind you of his flat out embarrassing "Ring of Fire" last week? NEVER FORGET: This guy blows. Cheers.


You may be noticing a trend in that I've gone from only talking about The Wrestler to only talking about Idol. Sorry, but Allison is that good. That's how you know I'm serious. And I've kind of been talking a vacation from the blogosphere this week and I've avoided computers when I leave the office. I'll have some new material for tomorrow or next week. Don't worry about it. I'm like the newspaper: I'm there every morning...

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  1. still not a fan here, not very easy on the eyes, something about her is off, possibly the nose? or maybe the ridiculous red hair. my blonde girl put an egg up though. if that blind dut doesnt go then theres no justice in this world