Monday, March 23, 2009

Nobdy sees anything wrong...

With a little bump & grind. Camps - this is for you. I mean, you sent this to me so I'm getting it out in the open for you. Pretty funny, very staged, but still a good laugh.

And because R.Kelly is an asshole and doesn't let people embed his vid's form youtube I'm forced to throw up a video of these clowns which is probably more funny than Camp's previous.



Also, checked out ClubTrillion this weekend for the first time. It's a blog started by an Ohio State basketball player who lives on the bench. It's a reference to the post-game stat lines when he gets in for garbage time for a minute or two so it shows 1 game played and then 0's in the next 9 columns for points, rebounds, attempts, fouls, etc...I heard of this awhile back when I was an awful basketball player who only say garbage time...Skip would joke for me to foul a guy as soon as I got on the court to get something in the stat line and break up the streak of zero's...and besides that, fouling was really all I could do on the court so I guess this is a story for another day...haha, my basketball career...STAY TUNED!

ANYWAYS. We started our blogs at about the same time...I'm quickly approaching 3000 hits...this asshole is up to about 700,000 and gets shout outs from Bill Simmons. Garnett was right, though, and anything is possible(!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I just need to get the word out so I can get close to a million hits and still be making $0, like this kid. Well played, sir. Well played.

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  1. lets learn the moves to the second video, black out at gippers, and go to margaritas and do it when i get back. if that doesnt get us'll just be another 1 of 300000000 that we've tried that didnt work. fuck.