Saturday, March 14, 2009

Need More NattyLights

I know (a few) people are out there reading on the regular, longing to contribute and poke fun at the things I write and do. Well, let the world know. We are a nation of great minds and a youthful spirit that wants to be heard. And I'm getting tired of only hearing from NattyLights. And cut the shit with the anonymous posting of comments. If you have something to say then come up with a clever pseudonym to add a bit of intrigue to your words or throw it back with a standard nickname that will make me and others laugh. But either way, be heard. If you're special enough I'll consider adding you to the payroll. I need your collective help to get 100,000,000,000,000,000 hits on my way to worldwide appreciation and fame. The buzz is the words of the 'pad forward. Cheers.


PS. Adam Lambert is crap. Just what we need...another cookie-cutter male pop singer. WRONG. GIVE ME ALLISON IRAHETA.

This kid has PIPES (and the song/artist choice...Heart...AWESOME.). This is what you want out of a musician. By 25 (that's 8-9 years, I takes time to hone a craft and develop good material even with the talent she already possesses. It's not about commercial success it's about the quality of work and I can tell in my gut she fits into the latter category which is what I love about her) she's got 3 legit albums that she's written by herself and a dedicated band that are all close and contribute to the success of the team; she's an actual artist not just some clown who can take songs given to him by a manager and sing them...but legitimate emotion and feeling worked into every song. Songs drawn from the...heart (I'm clever, I know...)

Write it down: Allison Iraheta is your next American Idol.

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