Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back to Fantasy...

So up until now I don't think I've seen a Titans game all year. But when Chris Johnson scored a TD to factor into his huge first half I remembered why I enjoyed having him on my fantasy team so much. He's impressive to watch and I wish I had seen more of him other than highlights and a two digit number in my fantasy scoresheet every week. He's a stud and is faster than most other folks, even by NFL standards. This game is pissing me off because I hate Ray Lewis. Ed Reed is the man but my hatred for Ray Lewis trumps my Ed Reed mancrush. Anyway Chris Johnson and LenDale White (I had both of them to carry me to the playoffs then dumped them when they went into cruise mode once they clinched. Revisionist history I know and it's not like I would have won if I kept them, but this fabrication helps me sleep at night) had a pretty neat choreographed handshake on the sideline following CJ's aforementioned touchdown but (of course...) I can't find any goddamn video of it. CBS is a horseshit network (or no one else was impressed. I'm hoping it was the former, though. I really thought it was good) The best I can do is the picture above. Go Titans, boo Ray Lewis. Cheers.

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