Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Brace for impact...

(The blue only stretches back to Ohio...)

Snow began falling about 2 hours ago. This could get ugly. Some sources say this could be up to 24" Yikes. I'm bringing a sleeping bag to the office just in case, I'm not confident in the Blue Bird's ability to fly home in this. For up to the minute radar check the Weather Underground, endorsed by President Barack Obama and the best source for weather on the "internet."

HAH, as I'm writing this the mail truck just went by. Usually we get our mail delievered in the 2-5pm range..."The U.S. Postal Service: If sleet, snow or freezing rain are scheduled, we'll just deliver early and get the hell home." Now I'm nervous, if the Postal Service is altering their schedule then we're about to get shit on. Stay tuned...cheers.

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