Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dam You, GMC...

This has been on my mind for the past couple of weeks but I haven’t been able to find it on youtube so I can embed the video with it. But I’m sure you’ve all seen the new GMC commercial by now that shows compares the new GMC Sierra to the construction of a big dam (probably the Hoover dam. I’m pretty sure it is but I’m no expert). The voiceover is something along the lines of “You didn’t think building this big dam was possible, but we’re AMERICANS and we did it! Buy this American truck that is full of good ol’ American craftsmanship, too (emphasis added, obviously because the commercial doesn’t actually say any of that…But it’s implied. Trust me).”

Yes…I want to buy a truck that compares itself to a concrete monstrosity which has crippled an ecosystem for 1000 miles below the dam to make some god damn electricity for posh skiers in their Vail condos and the filthy Vegas strip and every other building of excess in that region. Who cares about sustainability below the dam? We’ve got enough electricity to run 7 flat screen TV’s and a washing machine in our house all at once! Oh, there’s a desert below? And the Colorado River was about the only source of water in the region? And this dam will cut the flow significantly all the way down to barely a trickle whereas it used to steamroll all the way to Mexico? And wait, there used to be fish in the river? Tough shit.

Nice work, GMC. Fuck you and your bailout money you bunch of fucking donkeys. Look for this ad at least 3 times during the Superbowl and at least a half dozen times during other sporting event. And I hope we collectively flip the bird to our respective television sets with each airing. Spread the word. Cheers.

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  1. You can't shit on the GMC sierra. She was good to you all summer, getting you to and from work safely and in comfort, without any troubles. Well there was this minor battery issue, but that had more to do with operator error.

    I know this wasn't your point at all. ha