Monday, January 19, 2009

Waxing on various sports

How much do the Celtics just not respect the Suns? Starting Scal...hah. that just made me laugh. And how about Scal with his two missed 3's in the first half with the clock winding down...and no benching. Everyone is just feeding his ego. Classic, really.

Second, am I glad Anquan Boldin sucked it up during the season and just caught the damn ball. I rode his 12 game stretch (not including the two games when he was out with a BROKEN FACE. Only two games? Nails) of huge weeks all the way to the bizzank. So of course now that the playoffs have come he goes all pouty face and acts like a little crybaby even while they're winning ballgames. If the speculation is true that my G-men are targetting him to replace Plax I will say, "Hell Yes." G's in '10, BABAY (That's with or without AQ, the Giants are a force, you all know that)!!!

Third and last, kudos to the lesser known New York football franchise for giving Rex Ryan the reigns at Jet central. This guy is legit and expect big things if he tells Brett Farve to go fuck himself. He'll bring in a solid offensive mind and watch for an even more exciting AFC East next year with Brady's knee still in a brace and Matt Cassel heading back to Earth (he'll still be around the Pats have enough cap flexibility to keep both QB's, it just makes sense.

I said last already but I can't sign off without giving props to Claud Lemeiux making it back to the league, too. Guy's 43 and just loves hockey. I respect it, but hockey players are tied with lax players for "most disgusting human beings on the planet." 1 and 1a. Put all those fuckers on an island. A cold island, though, so hockey games can still be televised. Cheers.

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