Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On shoes and Sandwiches...

Picked out last years' Ascis Cumulus' for some new kicks. perhaps this is the final step I need to take to actually begin the exercise regimen I planned to start just about a month ago...but I'm not losing sleep over it. Actually I'm getting more sleep, because the past week and a half I haven't bothered to set my alarm early to make an attempt to get up and get to work early so I have time to sweat. Maybe tomorrow will be the day...stay tuned.

I got these on sale. It was the 2nd time I had been in to try them on. Both times the were on sale and both times I tried to talk the manager down in price and both times I was rejected. Olympia Sports apparently are sticklers for price tags. No overriding prices here. I'm happy with them thus far; they feel fairly light and are well-cushioned, the latter my fat ass will need a lot of to come back into shape. I am, however, nervous about how the toe box doesn't have a lot of support on top. I hope my toesies don't slide around. I just plan to jog straight, so we'll see how things shake out. I had been a Trainer's guy in the past, in fact the pair I've been wearing recently to work out I picked up in 2005 and are just flat busted. I guess it was time for a change.


And because I was at the Lewiston Mall it goes without saying I swung into Bull Moose to stroll around the racks. It also goes without saying I came out with some new (to me) CD's. The new Boss cd was up front and they sucked me in with "Including bonus track: 'The Wrestler.' " O really, fool? Don't threaten me with a good time. That, and it was marked a third off so I really couldn't pass it up. It's back with the E-Street band; I'm really hoping it's a lot more Devils and Dust than The Rising. We shall see.

Also went with some older goodies, Tom Waits' Closing Time from 1973 and Warren Zevon's eponymous album from '76. I had a shitty quality .mp3 Closing Time but wanted to upgrade for awhile now. It's very, very, very good. He's not incredibly well-known but a lot of his songs have been covered by some big time acts, the most recent I can think of is Robert Plant & Alison Krauss covering "Trampled Rose" (Raising Sand by these two is another great CD...). This was his first album with a major label, he got pretty experimental and dark in his later stuff and I'm not a huge fan of that but his early stuff is just great.
Warren Zevon was really the Z-man's breakout album; it has some of my absolute favorites of all time. He's just an incredibly gifted songwriter and I suggest you look closely at his entire body of work. His cynical tone and sharp lyrics always make you think. He wanted to be a rock star and succeeded living the life until his untimely demise. He did it for himself, and that's why he is still so beloved and respected within the music industry. Enjoy every sandwich, sir.

I could pass up neither. Cheers.

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