Friday, January 23, 2009

Here we go again...

Meant to get this up last week but obviously needed the fine video of the speech. My good friend and former boos Jeffrey Haggerty presented me with an 18"x24" The Wrestler poster and it just brought all these warm feelings back into my belly. It will look lovely when framed on my wall...
But anyway Mickey Rourke won the Golden Globe for Best Actor and just received his Oscar nomination this week. It was well deserved, as I've said all along. Great speech, too. The guy just gets it, he's a lucky one and is gracious and thankful just to have gotten another shot.

Though I was a little depressed the film itself didn't garner a nomination I was much more unhappy to find out Springsteen's song from the movie got no love for Best Song. Two songs from Slumdog and one from Wall-E and that's it?! Three Flipping songs? Get real. Give me five and show me you're alive. Because I didn't post Rourke's speech last week I was able to stumble upon Spreegsteen's song in the meantime so I've felt the need to include it below. This is a serious bootleg clip straight out of Asia. The quality is just OK but it is by far the best compliation on youtube featuring the song. This brought it all back to me; chances are I'll be in Portland on Sunday at the Nickelodeon if anyone from town is interested.

One of these day's I'll get off of this Wrestler kick. Let me apologize to those who I bore with this line of discussion. But, seriously this is a quality flick. I'll tell you a story next time or something but that probably won't be until Sunday. Cheers.

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