Monday, January 19, 2009

Sandwich Tip

So here I was an hour ago saying I hate to blog from work because I feel guilty about not working and now I'm blogging from work. The truth of the matter is I got kicked out of my office where all the work I should be doing is located so this time I don't feel guilty about getting some good info out to all who care to read and follow some simple instructions. This is a good sandwich tip. Applicable for either wraps or traditional two(or three if you're a crazy club-sandwich kind of a person. I'm not, far to much bread for my liking even with thin slices)-slice bread sandwiches.

Romaine Lettuce. That's the secret ingredient to eggsaronious. but the romaine has to be used correctly. Take your wrap/bread slices and line with some nice, thick, crisp leaves of romaine. Iceberg is for suckers. Then place your meat and/or condiments on the lettuce, not on the wrap/bread outer! The hearty lettuce contains the moisture allowing you to have fresh bread, rather than soggy bread. I've been using this for quite some time, but today I put a healthy dollop of hummus in the turkey wrap I made last night which I'm consuming right now prior to practice. The hummus was contained within the lettuce with great success and I thought I should share that with you. fresh bread tastes better. So do sandwiches with condiments. Write that down. cheers.

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