Monday, January 5, 2009

Fiesta Bowl Update...

The UTexas band's choice for their halftime performance in the Fiesta Bowl? Led Zep...Black Dog into Stairway...what the deuce? I guess I should be happy, I thought Drumline was a shitty movie (Though my favorite school band moment came while attending the UVA-VaTech game when their respective percussionists were battling at halftime. The UVA guys partner rolled over one another while playing their drums and prceded to "win" the battle...though it was not a neutral site. It was neat). Here's to hoping the Oklahoma band pulls out some Toby Keith at halftime for the BCS title game...

And you all should of stayed up for the end of the game; it was a mighty exciting finish. I neither like nor dislike either of these teams, but at least it was an entertaining game (I know the post will say 10:something pm but that was when I posted the UTexas band factoid, which is still messing with my head. It's now 11:57pm, trust me on that).

Also, I don't read The Onion often but through my random clicks on wikipedia, and AJ Jacobs' (author of my next read, The Know-It-All) personal website and blog I ended up there and feel this is a fitting little post related to my living situation. I laughed, I don't really care if you laugh. cheers.

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