Thursday, January 8, 2009

One more thing I forgot about The Wrestler...

...And I'll try to make this the last I write on this subject. The first is kudos to whoever got Tony Atlas to help with the wrestling aspects of the movie. He was by no means the only person listed but that guys been around forever and it's good to hear he's still very well respected within the sport. An L/A legend who was big time in the 80's when pro wrestling was king. Held the Tag Team belt a couple of times. And who fell just about as hard as The Ram but is still smiling and loving life for all it's worth. When I was actually having to shop for myself last year I'd see Tony in the Hannaford Bros. on Spring St. in Auburn at least once a month. A lot of times on Tuesdays when I would walk over from Beal's while my laundry was drying. Any rate, just an absolute great guy and I guarantee you'd hear the same thing from anyone else who's met him. Just a class act.

So if you know Tony then go see The Wrestler. Make it happen. Cheers.

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