Friday, January 9, 2009

End of an era...

At 8:42 this morning a gentleman from West Gardiner came with a trailer to take my horse to the glue factory. Yes. this morning I traded almost 8 years of memories with the Red Dragon for $800 cash money. It was time. If this doesn't demonstrate my biggest New Years resolution I don't know what does. I have resolved to cut the fat (double entendre implied). This is a goal I've had for awhile: to trim away the clutter and things I really don't need. Clothes I don't wear, gone. Paintball gun I bought in high school for no good reason (like 1785 other dumbass purchases I've made over the years...), hello pawn shop. Get the shit out of here. Those of you who know my collection of crap just ask and it's probably yours. Except books. I like books. If you view this in the 100 things challenge sort of a way (which I don't...) "books" would be considered one thing. I could own a goddamn library and not feel bad about it, that's just the way I am. But if you'd like to borrow a book by all means just ask me (except for Jenn who has had my copy of Beloved for about 10 months now...I'd like that back if you ever stop working for 15 seconds and read this...). This isn't Barack with a scalpel; This is Matt with a hatchet. Watch out.

But this cut the fat is not just related to objects. I'd like to actually get in better shape, not just say that I want to (see, double entendre...I don't lie). Hell, I'm even planning to get to the office early on Monday so I can make sure I get a workout in. I've already cut back on my alcohol intake (Sorry but I'm not going stupid like I did in college when I didn't drink from November thru the middle of May for track. That was just silliness). I got a water (A WATER!) after I had two beers at Gipper's last night. If I had ordered a bottled water it probably would have been more expensive than the 32oz Buds I had (And thanks to the waitstaff at Gippers who have accepted my blatant cheapness with open arms. Last night I arrived at 8:55 and Mel didn't come to take our order until 8:59 and 57 seconds. I've turned her away before one time when I got there at 8:40. I am pathetic.). But it's pretty much everywhere. There's a lot in life that just doesn't matter. My goal is to make that stuff truly not matter to me. CUT IT OUT!

I also resolve to get back to my staunch support of oral hygenie. I've always been an avid tooth brusher, but I've never really liked to floss. I also hate dentists. I haven't been in nearly 4 years (I think, it very well could be 5 I'm not sure). But this year I plan to say hello to a dental hygenist and get a good scrubbing. I've also been flossing at least daily, sometimes twice. I like the feeling of breathing through my teeth. It's neat. I have a little bottle of Listerine on my desk so I can freshen up after lunch. Gingivitis, I'm coming for you.

This was really just to distract myself from my decision to sell the Jeep. Robert Plant once said "Good times, bad times, you know I've had my share." I find this to be very appropriate for my baby and I. Though it was much more good than bad. She's been a close friend for almost 8 years, along with you few other close friends. We've been famous in Freeport. We've been too sexy. We've played at EL in the snow. Countless good memories. It's seen my first date. It's been the CAP1 mobile for as long as I can remember. It's been me, and I've been it. I think we can all say it was quite a ride in that red rag top. And I won't stop, loving you. Cheers (and Nick I'm interested to hear your thoughts on The Wrestler. This movie has consumed my life...).

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  1. Dibs on your MLB Showdown collection. You bought boxes while the rest of us bought packs- story of your life.