Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaguration hoopla? More like horseshit...

Hey, Federal Government...I know we're ushering in the party notorious for big spending but $170 million on the god damn inauguration? Are you kidding me? We're in a recession for christsakes. Cut the Shit. So much for trimming the fat with a scalpel. Seriously, hearing that number made me want to puke. The Democrat will say this was actually a good thing because a lot of the money went to wages for blue collar folks involved in the set up, police and fire support, and was a boon to the tourism industry...but the cheap bastard in me says those same fuckers are guaranteed a 40 hour week. The excess which was on display the last 4 days sickens me.

And why the fuck did I have to watch an interview with Bono Sunday night talking about our inauguration...The guy's from Ireland or Scotland or some other island that I'm pretty sure isn't included in the 50 + Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Stick to raising money for micronesia and Africa and leave America alone. I don't like you, nobody else does. The only good thing about you was you had a filthy mullet in the 80's but that was 20 years ago. You're useless. You, sir (and I use the term loosely), are not Bill Gates.

But seriously people, this is the party of change? I missed the memo the change those donkeys (literally. HA. HA.) were talking about spending MORE FUCKING MONEY THAN WE HAVE THE PAST 8 YEARS. $45 million is coming from donors...which doesn't leave more than, oh, $125 FUCKING MILLION TO GET PICKED UP BY THE FED. And I voted for this shit. Fuck me. You have my permission to punch me in the face the next time you see me. Makes me want to puke. No cheers tonight, just jeers. Dammit.

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  1. It was a sweet concert though... ST